When developing scalable software, one is faced with many challenges to avoid the inadvertent including of subtle algorithms that go LINEAR or even worse, N-SQUARED!!  This talk will go over the tricks and tools to detect these scaling problems early in the development cycle – and avoid the software failures that plague these types of engineering projects.




ADDRESS: SRI - 333 Ravenswood Ave.  Menlo Park, CA 

DATE: February 23, 2015 - 12 NOON

SV Forum Engineering Leadership Special Interest Group (SIG): Adventures in Patent-land

Dan Esbensen lectures at SV Forum on Engineering Leadership in Intellectual Property (IP) and the Value of Patents to Software Companies

Intellectual Property (IP) in the form of patents can be a goldmine for software companies or it can cost endless amounts of money with little in return.  This talk discusses how to discover an IP goldmine and avoid the endless challenges.  Touch Technologies, Inc. has created and sold over $20 million of patents adventuring into "PatentLand".

AutoTech Developer Challenge: App & Service Possibilities for Auto Industry

TTI joins the AutoTech Developer Challenge 2014 in San Jose, California.

Consumers are already becoming familiar with in-car apps, such as navigation and streaming audio. But what will the future look like? What are the areas in which the auto industry sees the biggest potential? Our Autotech leaders will share their expertise with our developers so they can benefit from insight into the automotive technology landscape, and knowledge of consumers, drivers and fleet managers.  This session will explore the app opportunities in the auto industry to get developers’ creative minds going in order to create the best possible apps and services and produce the wins for the industry, developers and consumers.

Touch Technologies visits the Alchemist Accelerator featuring 10 new startups

"At our demo days, we typically have 10 investors for every company that’s up there," Belani boasted in a recent interview, and that ratio seemed true of the crowd gathered at Citrix's Santa Clara conference. "That is a ratio that I don’t think anybody else has, especially with the caliber of the investors."

Two of the most interesting pitches came from Perfect Price, which is a San Francisco company that applied machine learning to finding the right price to charge, and from MindOps, a Santa Clara startup that brings text recognition to mobile devices, Google Glass and more.